Martin Lizotte

Pianist, keyboardist and composer, the talent and curiosity of Martin Lizotte have led him, for more than 20 years, to play, collaborate and travel with many artists and groups including Martin Léon, Daniel Bélanger, Jean Leloup, Arthur H, Robert Charlebois, Bernard Adamus, Jorane, Betty Bonifassi, Yann Perreau, Isabelle Boulay, Nicolas Pellerin, Dobacaracol, Papagroove, Coyote Bill, Karkwa, Loco locass and many others. Rich in all these collaborations, he returned for a few years to his first love, the piano. Pianolitudes was nominated for ADISQ in 2014 and its latest album Ubiquité won the Félix in the instrumental music category at the ADISQ gala in 2018 as well as a Lucien at the GAMIQ gala. His talents as a composer are often in demand for film music, documentaries, circus etc. He is recognized for his inventiveness and his sense of improvisation which allows him to blend with originality in various musical contexts.
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