Première Apparition - Vinyl - 180g

Première Apparition - Vinyl - 180g


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Lyrics & Music: Laurence-Anne
Sound recording & Mix: Jean-Bruno Pinard
Mastering: Richard Addison

Voice / Guitar: Laurence-Anne
Synthesizers / Voices: Naomie De Lorimier
Bass / Guitar / Pedal steel: David Marchand
Drum / Percussions: Laurent St-Pierre
Percussions / Marimba / Piano / Synthesizers: Étienne Côté
Saxophone: Ariel Comptois
Recorded at Studio Wild

1.Botanique 02:04
2.Instant zéro 03:45
3.Dents de scie 05:00
4.Yeux-bactérie 03:47
5.C'est un virus 03:06
6.Chaque nuit 06:15
7.Miel 03:43
8.Poison 04:26
9.Catastrophes 03:19

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