Salebarbes - Gin à l'eau salée - Vinyl

Salebarbes - Gin à l'eau salée - Vinyl


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Gin à l'eau salée Vinyl Record

Production, mixing and mastering:
Éloi Painchaud at Crackpot Castle
Arrangements: Salebarbes
Sound recording: Salebarbes
With the exception of :
"J’ai besoin d’quelqu’un mauvais"
Recorded at Studio B-12
Sound recording: Éric Rathé
"Un autre soir ennuyant"
Recorded live at the Théâtre du Petit Champlain
Sound recording: Stephan Ritch
Encoding: Trillium Sound Mastering
Graphic design and cover photo:
Kevin McIntyre
Infographic: Marie-Claude Meilleur
Logo: Éric Tanguay
Live Photos: Stephan Ritch

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