Zoo Baby - Vinyl

Zoo Baby - Vinyl

Zoo Baby

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It is with this ethos of the new DIY wave, without absolutely claiming to be the American bedroom pop movement born in the 10s, that Xavier initially conceived the pop of Zoo Baby. A highly attractive, sensual and personal music, true, free and original, of a complex and uninhibited simplicity. 10 pieces on love, dreams and their opposites that he brought to the hands of Julien Mineau (Malajube) who signs the realization of these castles of analog and synthetic instrumentation. Modern architectures made in layers of atmospheric keyboards, post-disco grooves, fuzzy and mellow strings, cheated brass and layers of reverberated harmonic voices.

Lyrics and music by Xavier Dufour-Thériault
Performed by Xavier Dufour-Thériault and Julien Mineau
Directed and mixed by Julien Mineau
Mastering by Richard Addison
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