Earsonics ES2 High-end In-Ear headphones

Earsonics ES2 High-end In-Ear headphones


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The ES range has been developed for "music". For those who make it as much as for those listening to it.

The ES2, first ES range model and ES3 little brother, has many of the same components of of its eldest, sharing both the same audio philosophy.
It targets audiophiles, beginners and experts concerned about the transcription quality of high resolution musical records.

Fitted with new flexible rooms, the shell of our ES range enables electronical adaptation according to the audio signature and the architecture chosen.
In contrast with traditional in-ears, the cannulas have been shortened and have now their own diffractive acoustic chamber for a better sound intelligibility and a wider soundstage.

To respond to the demanding specifications, we use proprietary drivers. With this involvement in all the drivers' development and manufacturing stages, we control the quality of our electronics, targeting the best audio quality.
Sensitivity: 119 dB/mW
Frequency Response: 10 Hz -20 kHz
DCR: 26,5 ohm
Driver: 2 drivers, 2 way crossover with impedance corrector.

ES2 with its replaceable cable
4 Comply tips
4 silicon tips
1 cleaning tool
Carrying box
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