Sandveiss - Saboteur - Vinyl Record

Sandveiss - Saboteur - Vinyl Record


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Sandveiss is a pure heavy-rock band straight out of Quebec City. After the release of their album “Scream Queen” on the label Sexy Sloth and its resounding success, they won over the crowds of great music events such as Festival d’Été de Québec with Megadeth and High on Fire, HEAVY MONTREAL, Festival de musique émergente en Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Coup de Grâce Musical in Saint-Prime, M FOR MONTREAL, Live at Heart Festival (Sweden) and many others. The LP was also awarded best metal album of the year at the GAMIQ 2016. These real masters of “stoner” rock present a melodic, loud and catchy music bringing the 1970’s and the 1990’s back in 2018. BLACK SABBATH, MELVINS, KYUSS, NIRVANA, TOOL and LED ZEPPELIN fans will be instantly dragged in. The band is now back stronger than ever with a new opus that will be released in 2019: “Saboteur”. The band is composed of Luc Bourgeois (vocals/guitar), Shawn Rice (guitar/vocals), Dominc Gaumond (drums) & Maxime Moisan (bass).
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